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about myndworks

As the business world is transforming every day, it is imperative to keep up the pace with change. At MyndWorks, we believe it is critical to share/ upgrade knowledge, processes, work on areas of improvement, thus building a culture of continuous learning in organisations and to keep up with the energy of changing environment 

MyndWorks aims to partner with organisations, corporate teams and individuals by offering tailored solutions in the areas of training, people development, mentoring and process writing. Our collaborative efforts and customised programs will offer people all the required learnings, practice and conviction to maximise their potential and add value to their domain.

MyndWorks helps organisations to:

  • Expand their growth by increasing effectiveness of individuals and aligning them with their business objectives.
  • Assess employee's capabilities against job requirements, identify gaps and create action plans to enable their effectiveness and growth.
  • Maximize organizational performance by building and implementing simple yet systematic standard operating procedures, critical processes and work instructions.
  • Increase employee's productivity by facilitating their professional growth and establish positive work environment. 

​​​​​​Jhumar Mathrani

Founder / Corporate Trainer

"I bring to you MyndWorks with a vision to equip organisations and individuals with right processes, skills and knowledge.  Having been dedicated to quality management, operations and training for the last 12 years, I realised my passion in inspiring and helping people develop  and maximise their true potential."  


- 'Train the Trainer' from Dale Carnegie India

- Green Belt Six Sigma [Internal]

- ISO Lead Auditor 9001:2000 

Our Methodology:

​At the initial stage, we work in conjunction with the Client to understand their requirements and scope of work. Subsequently, we establish a structured and agreed approach for our project:

  • Collect data & all the required info
  • Team interactions / Brainstorming of ideas
  • Conduct training need analysis
  • Set deadlines and training dates mutually
  • Work on processes, customise training modules and assessments

After agreeing on the solutions, we train the employees, assist in the implementation and evaluate the effectiveness of our services, ultimately helping our clients achieve long lasting benefits.

We also work on follow-up sessions and consult our Clients on progress and further improvements required if any.